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eVeRyOnE pLaY
January 30, 2013

I have been busy today writing drafts for university assignments. I have to get this 2-1 otherwise the past few years would of been pointless, I feel pressure from this but I believe I can do it.  I had a sneaky break to look for a holiday, we went to Greece last year and the year before we went to Turkey. This year I have no idea on where we could go, suggestions welcome. I would love to go on a mini euro tour. That way you get to see many different countries in a few weeks, I love seeing different cultures.

I managed to write a few pages of the novel, I am still uncertain of the title to bestow on the novel. Tomorrow I hope to have wrote three more chapters of the novel. Which means I would have Ten chapters written all written in a month. This means I have more time to read to complete the task of 120 books in a year. I shall not fail my goals this year.

Tonight I’m going to have a X-box night with friends.

I believe we should all play like children do now and then to bring joy that you can only get from playing.

There is only one rule SMILE.


Thinking of me, Who I be.
January 29, 2013

Today I spent most of it, Listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis their songs speak to me with the words and music. Their songs have made me think about what makes me to this world. This is all I can think of – My loving family making myself caring and have the streak of cheeky comedy. My Music selection, random genres from pop, old school, hip hop, r & b, punk, rock, cheesy love songs, dance music, acoustic. I love many different songs this is thanks to my mother’s taste in music and my sister’s too. My sporting backbone given to me by my brother. Growing up with no father figure with a Mother working three jobs to raise her three children, my brother took me under his wing teaching me sports. During School days I played sport many different kinds which have me a natural high. My writing which came from writing lyrics originally  to then poems and then short stories. Reading other’s thoughts and feeling, the facts of things spoke to my soul and mind. Love from all of these things make me complete, Love from my family blood and adopted, Love for sport playing and supporting, love for the art in the world that effects the senses.

I have wrote some more of my novel, read over three chapters in my 11th book of the year with is about a couple one a NBA star and the other a Dancer, I shall let you know if it ends up to be a good book. I feel I can achieve my goal of 120 books in a year if I keep going at the pace I am at now.  I’m going to write something on here which I wrote today just a random thought maybe it can be classed as a poem.


I broke through in time

to save the hope within my soul, I can make the difference

All I need is strength


to carry on this life with a smile

is harder than crying on the way down

remain tall nothing to do with height

Have pride in your choices, even if their wrong

there is no shame in knowing

your mistakes

As long as you learn from them


So smile, Stand tall, make mistakes

as we learn to stay Strong.


Thank you for reading.

There is only one rule SMILE.

LaZy DaY wRiTiNg AnD rEaDiNg
January 28, 2013

Today I feel very lazy seeing as I have hurt my back last night, which means no training tonight. I spent the morning reading my book which I have now completed, that’s book ten done. I liked the story of the book, it was focused about self growth in life. I have not decided on which book to start next, I will do that in bed before I fall asleep. Today is the 28th which me and my partner always spend doing something together. Tonight I have no ideas on what we can do but all I need is us to be together and it’s complete to me.

I managed to get another chapter written in my novel, I have chosen to have a love triangle in the novel with the girl following her heart by the end of the novel. That is the plan but I shall be free in writing and not plan everything before writing the novel. I have a busy day at university tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to the weekend and it’s only Monday.

But gotta keep Smiling.

There is only one rule SMILE!!!

Work can kiss my (INSERT WORD HERE)
January 27, 2013

I’ve been busy with working two jobs not had much time to write on here due to keeping the little time I have to write and read to complete my goals this year. One of my jobs is at the weekend only and the people who run it don’t know how to run a tap! I’ve over 28 hours in two days and I am tired. Wish my other job paid more then I wouldn’t have to do my weekend job. The job I like is working with children that don’t have that much in the world. I enjoy that job more than any other job i have had so far.

The novel I have been writing is coming together nicely I have decided how to twist the story to keep the readers interested. I have now told a few more people about me trying to write a novel, they all want to read it and are supporting me through it. This means so much for me, I’ve always had a dream about having a home by the sea and sitting there writing with the ocean in the background. Surprisingly I’m not doing anything at university towards this dream. I am aiming to get a degree which will give me the opportunity to have more spare time to write.

I had a check up with my dietitian with great results, I got on the scales scared as hell of the outcome. To my delight I have lost nearly 1 stone since seeing her last. She gave me praise and my partner did too, I just have to keep it up and not give up. I wish I was like my partner and could eat anything and not put weight on. I eat really good, exercise a lot and still stay bigger than normal. My doctor says the fact I have PCOS doesn’t help with my weight problem.

I go back to university tomorrow and have basketball practice, I am really looking forward to it. I like getting on that court, marking up and taking the game to the other team. I will get that starting position one day. I hope my parents will come watch me one day too, during my early days playing soccer she would never come and watch me play. I want her to see how far i have come with my physical side of life. I don’t get to see my mum that much seeing as she live over 180 miles away from me now. I would like to see it in her face the fact she is proud of me.

Well I best make use of this time I have free and do some writing.

There is only one rule SMILE!

A Physical Day
January 23, 2013

Hi there people, Yesterday was a very physical day for me, University had our class doing an hour of Basketball which I don’t mind at all. Then we all had an hour circuit training, then an hour of aerobics. Finally the class had to have an hour of indoor tennis. After that I had the basketball game. I drove the captain and the coach in my car up to the game. We all prepared for the other team. Due to illness we only took eight players including myself the other team had more subs than us. I was subbed on in the first quarter and I made some good assists and I got a lot of rebounds. In one of my attempts to get a rebound I got elbow to my mouth, which hurt briefly. We all supported each other and we won 58-46 in the end, this made me feel good about myself doing all that exercising in one day.

I’ve continued to eat healthy things, Also I’ve been forcing myself to drink more water than I normally do. Days in the past I could go a whole day not drinking (STUPID). But I have grown so much in the past few months, I want much more for myself than what I currently have. The only way to do this is to change things about you that you want to change, not for others but for yourself.

I couldn’t read any of my current book or write due to being at university all day and playing in the game at night. But the main thing is I feel so good about myself right now. I have today for writing and reading. Hopefully more than two chapters on each. I would also really like to spend some time with my partner. We haven’t had too much time together this week. I know it’s only Wednesday but I work every other night in the week. Right I’m going to write…

Remember there is only one rule SMILE!!!

Ravens and training
January 21, 2013

I made it home yesterday night after seeing one of my close friends before I left. I am hoping to see her again soon, she gives me a lot of happiness as a friend. She has always got a new person on the love scene. I managed to watch the whole Ravens game which was good I love Football but very new to it. My main sport has always been soccer from a very young age. Basketball is my second sport but I love the team I’m in and I’m not too bad a player. In fact I had my first training this week tonight, I played hard in the new plays we learnt. I feel if I keep going to every training with a open mind to improve and listen to the coach then next season I might even be in the starting five.

I have only been playing for the team since September, there are 15 of us in the squad. I’ve played in only four games this season partly due to the fact I work on Friday nights so I can’t play in the Friday games. I’m mainly used as a centre for the team as I am one of the tallest. I trained hard. We have a game tomorrow and I’ve been selected for the team which makes me feel good. We have to drive over an hour to play against the team but it will be worth it, we are second in the league at the moment. If we keep training as a team, working for each other we might go top of the league.

I managed to write another chapter on my novel as well. I’m really enjoying being creative with my writing again, I did write poems from a young age. As time has gone on and with life filling with other things, my writing became lost. I haven’t yet told anyone personally that I am writing this novel as I am cautious as I do not know what reaction I shall receive off those who’s opinion I care a great deal about.

I shall leave it here today and always remember there is only one rule SMILE!!!



Ma’s house.
January 20, 2013

I am back in my home town with my partner for their birthday meals with both sides of the family. It is strange the feeling I get when coming over this side of the country, everywhere I look I have past memories with stories, people and randomness. The road love lane and how I had my first crush with someone down their ironic name. How I have played sports in all the parks in my home town. Long walks and rides I have as a teenager clearing my head and trying to understand my feelings at the time.

All the dreams I had on those walks creep into my head, the dreams I made for myself  many now cannot come true but as I was writing last night I wrote something that sums up how I feel about them.

Dreams can either fade or evolve but never die.

One the goal side of everything, I managed to go out for dinner last night and not eat the normal but less which impressed myself. Being back at home and with the weather conditions my fitness could be better. I have done some stepping to make sure I actually did something for my fitness.

I also managed to finish off another book in the early hours of the morning. This book made me think about how life throws us people that come into our lives and some try to change our lives to suit themselves. This often holds us back and hurts us. It made me think about all the lives that have came into my life and tried to make my life less important. My mother raised me well though because I am strong enough to know my feelings and thoughts and grow with them.

The novel I am writing is taking a back seat in my days back in my home town due to all the family and friends we have to visit while down. But when I get back home I shall make sure I shall write another two chapters. I get home tomorrow which will lead me to write the chapters then plus I have my basketball training tomorrow night.

Right I’m off to chill and enjoy my ma’s house now, Remember there is only one rule SMILE!


The beginning 19.01.13
January 19, 2013

Welcome to the beginning of the start of my years journey, within the year I am going to try and achieve many different things. With this blog i am going to write about the progress I am making with the thoughts and feelings of everything.

The main goals I am going to give myself are to read 120 books within a year ending on the 31st of December 2013. Another one is to finish my first novel about a young woman struggling to find her wanted profession. The next one is very personal, to lose 2 stone this year. On top of this I hope to achieve the highest potential at university in basketball and on my course.

So far within this year I have made a good base for the chance to complete every goal I have set myself. I have already read 8 books within these ninteen days. All the books made me focus on what type of novels I enjoy the most to read. With knowing I like romance novels with a degree of personal growth that is what I will be writing about within my novel.

I have already lost a pound in weight and eating healthy. I have continued to play many sports to help with my fitness, trying to practice my jump shot a lot more. All of my current grades are on course to give me my 2.1 which is all I need to continue. Within basketball I am pushing myself each training session, when I am feeling tired I dig in to keep going. I want to look back at this point in my life and be proud of what I have done.

Read as much or as little, there is only one rule SMILE!