LaZy DaY wRiTiNg AnD rEaDiNg

Today I feel very lazy seeing as I have hurt my back last night, which means no training tonight. I spent the morning reading my book which I have now completed, that’s book ten done. I liked the story of the book, it was focused about self growth in life. I have not decided on which book to start next, I will do that in bed before I fall asleep. Today is the 28th which me and my partner always spend doing something together. Tonight I have no ideas on what we can do but all I need is us to be together and it’s complete to me.

I managed to get another chapter written in my novel, I have chosen to have a love triangle in the novel with the girl following her heart by the end of the novel. That is the plan but I shall be free in writing and not plan everything before writing the novel. I have a busy day at university tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to the weekend and it’s only Monday.

But gotta keep Smiling.

There is only one rule SMILE!!!


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  1. Good luck with your novel – love triangles are always intriguing 😉

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