Ravens = superbowl champions

By now you all should know about the super bowl and the fact the Ravens won. I did get very emotional and scream at the t.v a few times. By doing that I managed to wake my partner up while they were TRYING to catch some Z’s. It was full of drama like any super bowl should be and I enjoy every minute of it. I have worn my Ravens cap with pride for the whole day.

Even though I am still a bit in pain due to my back being tender, I trained with the team for basketball. We have a game against one of our local teams on Wednesday which I know I won’t be playing in due to my back. I think I’m improving little by little still which is the aim.

I’ve managed to write another chapter in my novel which I have changed which love interest I would choose first. I’m trying not to plan too much within the novel as I want it to flow naturally. I’m trying to make it realistic, not too dramatic and perfect. If the journey was perfect then that wouldn’t be life. We have to try hard to reach our goals, which is what I want to get across in my novel hopefully.

Remember there is only one rule SMILE



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