I’m struggling through book 15 to connect to the story and the character. I can’t place my finger on why I can’t connect, but it’s making it hard to read. Do I drop the book and start a new 15th book or do I try and crack into this book. I feel this book is taking me longer because I can’t connect like I have to other books I have read this year. I might give it another day to try and reach to me.

Writing has come on, I have edit the first few chapters as I want it to make sense and connect to the reader.

When it comes to my life at the minute and playing basketball, I am really enjoying it. I think my fitness is better than it has been for a long long long long long long long long time. Since I am a lot older than others at university I am pushing myself harder to show I deserve to be in the team. During practice last night I was getting all my lay ups in, and only me and the captain of the team managed to make all the baskets in the free throw drill. By the outcome of more baskets I can see that my shot is improving. Every time I have a chance of  a three I pass it or drive it. I don’t have the confidence to shoot as I know my three point shooting is a state. My movement off the ball seems to be improving making more runs than normal.

Remember there is only one rule SMILE!!!


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