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Day two weddings
April 18, 2014

Being home and at my mum and dads surrounded by my family, I’ve realised though I love to travel and see the world there is no better feeling than sharing love with family and friends. My new girlfriend is amazing and we are just getting used to each other’s ways. She is so caring and I’ve never been with anyone like that before. She can just sit there and let me tell her about a time when I was younger or anything. She listens to me and is happy to see me happy. We do live miles apart if I move to be closer to my family and the truth is, I would want her to move with her daughter here. That once would of scared me but now I’ve realised I want a family life back and them to be part of it. It is going to be hard to figure this out 100miles difference and more than just me and her to think about. But sat at my cousins wedding seeing her so happy surrounded by family made me think that’s the life for me. I’ve arranged a BBQ when I am back from university for my mums side of the family because I want to spend more time with my family as life is short. Still going to be myself and travel too but the heart belongs with love and I love my family.




Change day one
April 16, 2014

I failed to achieve the goals set well not all and I can still achieve another. So let’s catch you up on my life. I got engaged whoop I know big news. Had an engagement party and then boom she was cheating on me with someone from work amazing right! Then a strange feeling of freedom and hope of becoming myself came. In fact I don’t eve think I was in love, I was in love with the idea of how things could be. I joined the football and rugby team to help me loose weight and get fitter. By Christmas I had lost over 6stone more than enough to be proud of but I am not giving up on the weight I want to be. I never knew how rubbish I would feel about losing weight though. None of my clothes fit and I still look big due to my baggy clothes which sucks. I have now scored in basketball, football and scored trys in rugby for university which I am proud to achieve. I have nearly finished my degree which I hope in getting a 2:1 will find out soon if that is possible. Thanks to my ex I feel more myself and happy to make choices for my own gain again. I have met so many good people since letting my ex go. I have found a part of myself that I thought I lost, I am writing again poems and little sayings that come to me. Even better I have found someone who lights a fire in me to continue that. She is my adventure and thanks to her I am a romantic again and believe that life is and can be amazing if you make it that way.

Smiling with you