Change day one

I failed to achieve the goals set well not all and I can still achieve another. So let’s catch you up on my life. I got engaged whoop I know big news. Had an engagement party and then boom she was cheating on me with someone from work amazing right! Then a strange feeling of freedom and hope of becoming myself came. In fact I don’t eve think I was in love, I was in love with the idea of how things could be. I joined the football and rugby team to help me loose weight and get fitter. By Christmas I had lost over 6stone more than enough to be proud of but I am not giving up on the weight I want to be. I never knew how rubbish I would feel about losing weight though. None of my clothes fit and I still look big due to my baggy clothes which sucks. I have now scored in basketball, football and scored trys in rugby for university which I am proud to achieve. I have nearly finished my degree which I hope in getting a 2:1 will find out soon if that is possible. Thanks to my ex I feel more myself and happy to make choices for my own gain again. I have met so many good people since letting my ex go. I have found a part of myself that I thought I lost, I am writing again poems and little sayings that come to me. Even better I have found someone who lights a fire in me to continue that. She is my adventure and thanks to her I am a romantic again and believe that life is and can be amazing if you make it that way.

Smiling with you


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