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The Catch up 13.02 A Bluebell Cottage
October 13, 2014

I watch this angel flying

Air blows you closer to me

Thankful to God

Every step I take now

Is blesses as I have you

As the Bluebells bloom in the sun

I notice you’re the only one for me

When the river floods over

I know you’ll be safe as you have wings

And in the highest tree I’ll be.

How did the gates of heaven

Let you through without charge

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven

Some classic cheese but you stayed.

I might not know me

But An angel I see.

And That angel loves me.



The catch up 13 .01 Try to change me
October 13, 2014

Why do I have to change

just to please you

I’m not happy the way I am

But I’ll change in time everyone does

You can’t try to hurt me no more

I may hurt myself

But I refuse for you to hurt me

Stuff I may do, may sound silly

But I have done this to me

and now I’ll try to stop

when I look down the road

I can’t see past the now

And I won’t ever know

How my life would be

If I didn’t cut me

so don’t try bring me down

as i am already on the ground

so don’t try to change me

it’s something I will do eventually.