Home memories
August 19, 2014

We’ve just come back from my mum and dad’s house. We spent the day with my mum’s side of the family and again like always my brother who i thought a lot of when i was younger let the family down again to do things to benefit him. My poor mum does everything for her children and grandchildren to get nothing from him if she is lucky a birthday card from him. I would understand if he was poor but nope been to see every F1 race this year. Rant over because I found all my poems and writings when i was younger and will from today write them on here. It might take a while to get them all on here but I will try my best. I ws vey lost when I was younger thanks to many emotional events. I wouldn’t change my past because I am now happy and have a great awareness of feelings of others which helps me teach and coach.


A Physical Day
January 23, 2013

Hi there people, Yesterday was a very physical day for me, University had our class doing an hour of Basketball which I don’t mind at all. Then we all had an hour circuit training, then an hour of aerobics. Finally the class had to have an hour of indoor tennis. After that I had the basketball game. I drove the captain and the coach in my car up to the game. We all prepared for the other team. Due to illness we only took eight players including myself the other team had more subs than us. I was subbed on in the first quarter and I made some good assists and I got a lot of rebounds. In one of my attempts to get a rebound I got elbow to my mouth, which hurt briefly. We all supported each other and we won 58-46 in the end, this made me feel good about myself doing all that exercising in one day.

I’ve continued to eat healthy things, Also I’ve been forcing myself to drink more water than I normally do. Days in the past I could go a whole day not drinking (STUPID). But I have grown so much in the past few months, I want much more for myself than what I currently have. The only way to do this is to change things about you that you want to change, not for others but for yourself.

I couldn’t read any of my current book or write due to being at university all day and playing in the game at night. But the main thing is I feel so good about myself right now. I have today for writing and reading. Hopefully more than two chapters on each. I would also really like to spend some time with my partner. We haven’t had too much time together this week. I know it’s only Wednesday but I work every other night in the week. Right I’m going to write…

Remember there is only one rule SMILE!!!