Wave Seekers
February 2, 2013

I’m not at work this weekend which is good as me and my partner are going to go spend some time together at the beach. Yeah the weather is cold right now but there is nothing like the ocean to make you happy. The noise of the waves crashing onto the shore and you can see what type of person you are by the waves. How each wave could maybe meet your toes but sometimes just a little short, you move too close and get drenched or you don’t move and wait for the sea to come to you. Me and my partner are both wave seekers we go in and look for that wave and if we get drenched so what that’s life. I used to hold back in life but I’ve come to realize life is way too short, you have to try and reach your goals not hold back and get nothing.

The coast was nice we had an amazing time. I read a little more now in book number 11, I have decided to try and keep most of my books under a certain price. I have told my mother about the reading goal I have set myself, she is really impressed. This because last year I read a total of three books. The year before that a grand total of zero. I don’t want to loose my mind like my loving Grandma did by reading and doing more to keep my mind active hopefully I won’t go down that road.

Holiday ideas are still going on, we might go to LasVegas near Christmas time. We have a week in Wales planned with a couple of friends which is hardly my sort of holiday, I would rather go somewhere nice and hot so I can stay in the water longer.

There is only one rule SMILE.